Bad information

OK, scratch that last post. Pretty much EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET blogs. In future posts I promise to do at least a cursory Google search before clicking 'publish.'

Is this thing on?

Just checking. Not really prepared for prime time, just kicking the tires on this new template. Apparently I soon get to add 'blogging' to my skill set. And I hear there's practically NO ONE doing that these days so the world is soon to be my oyster (where's that from?).


Time for a change!

Twenty years ago I co-founded OFFICELAB in a Chelsea loft in NYC. In all that time I can proudly say I've run the gamut of creative agency roles—Chief Studio Janitor, Primary Production Grunt, Default Head of Accounts, Chief Obsessive Copywriter, Big Shot Creative Director—and not necessarily in that order... 

I love that I've had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clientele in really diverse industries—from global brands to local businesses and tons of organizations in between. It's been a tremendous education, and I'm grateful for every big break, every mis-step, and every victory along the way! 

Now it's time for the next chapter. I've launched an independent brand consultancy, SINESIO+CO, led by yours truly and supported by members of the team from OFFICELAB. 

SINESIO+CO is committed to one thing....helping you build a brand you love. Along the way, my intention is that you discover new ways to listen to your customers, engage your internal teams, and create offerings that are compelling and magnetic. 

So, show your brand some love.

Get in touch and see what SINESIO+CO can do for you.

— Dominic Sinesio

If you're curious what cool stuff OFFICELAB co-founder Lesley Maia Horowitz is up to now, check it out here.